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Our brand new House System has now been launched!

We are very excited to announce that Oak Academy has a brand new House System, which has been spearheaded by Mr Pretty, our Senior Student Leadership team and the School Council.  Our whole school community has been involved in the process, from deciding upon the categories and colours to taking part in elections.

Every student will be assigned a House upon arrival at Oak Academy, which will follow them through their school journey.  They will be part of a unique team, offering a sense of inclusivity, engagement and leadership opportunities that will ultimately have academic benefits as well as social and emotional ones.

They will be assigned to one of the houses as detailed below:

Students will have the opportunity to accumulate House points and skills through a variety of different methods including:

  • Individual subject challenges posed throughout the year
  • Sporting activities
  • Attending school events as ambassadors
  • Community volunteering
  • Charitable endeavours

Activities run throughout the year in all faculties and points culminate in the House Trophy!