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Home Learning


At Oak Academy, regular home learning will be appropriate for the age and stage of all students. In addition, it will have a particular focus on improvement and understanding of vocabulary and information retention. This will lead to increased depth of understanding in all lessons whilst linking to the substantive knowledge needed for academic and real world success.

Key Stage Three

At Oak Academy, all students in Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) will be expected to complete a minimum of 1 hour home learning per week day. This will be broken down into the following chunks:
• 20 minutes reading for pleasure – to be recorded in reading logs, signed by parents and checked by tutors
• 20 minutes Hegarty Maths –to be managed by Maths dept.
• 20 minutes Knowledge Organiser revision – students will complete blank sheets at home and be quizzed in lessons to check progress.

All knowledge organiser for the term can be found at the link below.

Knowledge Organisers

Key Stage Four

• In Year 10 & 11, home learning is to be set by all subject teachers once every week.
• In addition, Key Stage 4 students will also be expected to complete 30 minutes reading for pleasure and 30
minutes Hegarty Maths per week day.
• Like their Key Stage 3 counterparts, Key Stage 4 students should also complete their reading logs.

Home Learning Policy and Timetable 2020-21

Hegarty Maths

Please use the link below to access the website.

Hegarty Maths Student Booklet

Letter RE. Hegarty Maths