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Southern Universities Network – SUN

The Southern Universities Network was established to support the Government’s ambitions to make faster progress nationally to widen access to Higher Education through the Uni Connect Programme.

Uni Connect is funded by the Office for Students and is currently focused on providing higher education outreach to young people in years 9 – 13 living in particular areas where HE participation is lower than might be expected given the GCSE results of the young people who live there.

At Oak Academy we work closely with our partners at Arts University Bournemouth to ensure that our Uni Connect students have the support and skills needed to raise aspirations and obtain the confidence to apply to HE institutions.

In our current climate, the SUN has put together a range of interactive workbooks and instructional videos, which are designed to give you more information about topics such as: Options, HE campus explorer, Finance and Apprenticeships.

This area also includes a student newsletter, and exciting news of a Virtual Festival based around the Digital and Creative industries – one not to miss!

Flying Start Dorset Wide is designed to help young people, especially in year 11, plan and prepare for life, study, and work after school. It gives you the resources you need when considering your future, including a course at college or sixth form, apprenticeship or other school year transition. Along side this it holds beneficial links to careers and employment.