If your child is going to be absent please call 01202 242300 by 8.30am.

Academy Uniform

We are proud of our Oak Academy uniform and the smart way in which our students present themselves.  Uniform can be ordered through the Oak Academy Price and Buckland online shop at:

Oak Academy (

Below is a brief reminder about uniform expectations.  If at any time your child is unable to wear full uniform, please inform us of the reasons in writing.  Students may be isolated if they do not follow the Academy’s uniform policy.

To assist parents and carers in getting the correct size blazer for your child we hold a sizing set of uniform at Oak. Please contact our reception.

Blazer:  A black blazer with the Oak Academy logo purchased only through Price and Buckland.

Jumper: a jumper is not compulsory but if students do wish to wear one, an Oak Academy branded jumper can be brought from Price and Buckland. Jumpers must be branded.

Trousers / Skirt: Black trousers which need to be tailored (no leggings or tight fitting trousers or any visible zips, buckles, buttons or belts).  These can be brought from a range of uniform / supermarket/ clothing suppliers. Girls are recommended to wear trousers but may choose to wear a black pleated skirt.  If girls do wish to wear a skirt, it should be knee length and not tight fitting.

Shirt / Blouse:  A white school shirt which buttons to the neck for both boys and girls. These can be brought from a range of uniform / supermarket/ clothing suppliers. T-shirts are not to be worn under school shirts or blouses.

Tie:  ALL pupils are required to wear an Oak Academy tie purchased only through Price and Buckland.

Academy Bag: All students are expected to bring an Oak branded rucksack or record style bag. These are available from Price and Buckland.

Shoes:  Plain, sensible and business-like black school shoes should be worn or a shoe style trainer can be worn. These must be leather like and flat bottomed. There must be no coloured logo’s, split soles or bubbles.

Socks: Plain black, grey or white socks only.

Hair: Extreme hair-cuts (i.e. below Grade 2) / tramlines, coloured hair using unnatural hair colours or blocked two tone hair colours are NOT permitted.

Jewellery:  The only jewellery to be worn is a watch, one signet ring and a pair of small stud earrings.  Facial or tongue piercings are NOT permitted.  No brightly coloured nail varnish, acrylic nail art or nails of a length where health and safety becomes an issue.

Headwear:  Hats, hoods and scarves must not be worn anywhere on the premises.

Coats: Plain and sensible coats should be worn. They should be discrete and dark in colour. Fashion coats, sportswear or coats with excessive labels / slogans are not permitted. Coats should be weatherproof to provide outer layer protection against the cold and rain in the winter months. For examples of appropriate coats, please click here.

Ethnic Considerations, Symbols and Clothing:  Appropriate consideration is given where feasible and desired for pupils with special dress or religious observance requirements or needs because of religious or cultural background.  The wearing of a headscarf or hijab for religious reasons, is permitted.  These should be short and in keeping with our school uniform, therefore black or navy with no designs, logos or sequins.

Garments covering the face or whole body, e.g. the abaya and niqab, are not permitted.

PE Kit:

  • Polo shirt with Oak Academy logo purchased from Price and Buckland.
  • Black hoody with Oak Academy logo purchased from Price and Buckland, although this is not a compulsory item.
  • Black jogging bottoms or girls can wear black leggings
  • Black shorts or skirts
  • Trainers

If you require clarification about any of these uniform expectations, please speak to the School Office.

We would expect, for example, that ear-piercing would only take place at the beginning of the Summer holidays, so that earrings can be removed for PE when the Autumn Term begins.

If uniform is not correct, students will be given the opportunity to correct it or may be isolated until the uniform can be corrected.