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Private Fostering


What is private fostering?

The legislation about private fostering arrangements is contained within the Children’s Act, 1989. It is legally defined as an arrangement that occurs when a child who is under 16 (if disabled, under 18) is cared for by someone other than their parent or a close relative, with the intention that it should last for 28 consecutive days or more


What is required of the parents and carers?

The law places a duty on the parents of the child (or those with parental responsibility) and the ‘foster carers’ to notify the local authority. This should be done as soon as the arrangement has been made. Sometimes a placement is unplanned. In such cases, the local authority should be notified as soon as it becomes apparent that the placement is likely to extend to 28 days or more.


More details can be found via Private fostering ( or please email the safeguarding team on [email protected]