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Anti Bullying

Anti-Bullying – Kindness Starts with Us

At Oak Academy we want to make sure that every child in our community feels safe, in a school where there is zero-tolerance of bullying. Everyone deserves to be able to come to Oak Academy everyday without the fear of bullying happening. We want our classrooms to feel secure, structured and welcoming to support learning, team-work and healthy friendships. All members of staff know how to spot the signs of bullying and will intervene to stop it immediately. Any reports of bullying will be taken seriously, and we will make sure that any one affected is supported and feel confident that it is being dealt with swiftly.

It is a devastating statistic that nationally, over 40% of all school aged children have experienced bullying including name calling, cyber-bullying and physical bullying. For a lot of young people, the fear of the bullying being made worse by reporting or being labelled as a ‘snitch’, it unfortunately prevents action from being taken and the cycle continues. This is a big concern for us as we believe that no one should suffer in silence when it comes to bullying. We have tried to make the reporting process as varied less intimidating as possible to encourage pupils to reach out. There are several ways to report bullying such as reporting it to a member of staff, speaking to our student-led and fully trained Kindness Ambassadors or by reporting anonymously using the Anti-Bullying QR Code. All young people deserve to be heard and should be encouraged to use their voices to stand up for what is right, we encourage all of our pupils to “be an upstander, not a bystander”.

Please find more information at the following link Anti Bullying Campaign

If you feel you need to report bullying anonymously then please use the following link Anonymous Report for Bullying and/or Sexual Harrassment (