Oak Academy will reopen to all students during the week beginning Monday 8th March. This will be a phased return following testing. Full details can be found in our News Section below.

Virtual Parents Evenings

All upcoming parents evenings will be held virtually.

Revised dates, from those originally published are below.

Parents evening will run between 3.30pm – 6.30pm
Year 8 – 26th November 2020
Year 10 – 10th December 2020
Year 7 – 14th January 2021
Year 11 – 21st January 2021
Year 9 – 28th January 2021
To book appointments please visit the link below. Details on how to book and how the evening will run can be found below the link.

Parents Evening Link

Parent Guide – Parent Consultation Evening

Video Appointments for Parents Evenings & Review Meetings: Demonstration from SchoolCloud on Vimeo.