If your child is going to be absent please call 01202 242300 by 8.30am.

Letters to Parents

2021-2022 Letters to Parents

October 2021

OA Detentions Letter 11.10.21

MYTime Young Carers- Zoom User Agreement

Zoom Youth Group invite new Oct Block 18

OA PCE Letter Year 11

OA Instrumental Sign up Letter

OA Extra Curricular T1

September 2021

Home Learning – KS3 – 2021-22

OA Year 7 Tutor Evening Invite 07.10.21

OA Y11 Information Evening 04.10.21

Flu Offer Letter – Oak Academy



OA Parental Update Letter T1.0 09.09.21

August 2021

OA Start of Term Reminder Letter 31.08.21

OA Schedule for Mass Testing Letter to Parents

2020-2021 Letters to Parents

July 2021

OA Results Day 12th August 2021

OA End of Year Newsletter 21.07.21

OA end of Term Arrangements

OA Single Case Year 7 Letter 16.07.21

Ofsted Monitoring Letter

10184446 – Oak Academy – 139037 – Final PDF

Letter to New Y7 Pupils

Letter to New Y8 & New Y9 Pupils

Letter to New Y10 Pupils

Letter to New Y11 Pupils

OA Single Case Year 10 Letter 14.07.21

OA Lateral Flow Testing September

OA Uniform Deadline Letter 13.07.21

OA Sports Day Letter 12.07.21

OA Instrumental Sign up Letter

OA All Clear Update Letter to Parents 09.07.21

OA Covid Update Letter to Parents 06.07.21

OA Year 9 Remote Learning Letter 06.07.21

June 2021

OA Parental Letter Monitoring Visit 28.06.21

Year 10 End of Year Exams

Peripatetic Lessons 12.06.21

Euro Reading Challenge Letter 14.6.2021

OA Update to Parents 09.06.21

May 2021

OA Year 11 Wellbeing Letter 19.05.21

OA GWH Letter 17.05.21

OA Update to Parents – 14.05.21

OA Year 11 Update Letter

April 2021

OA Home learning in KS3 – 30.04.21

Yr11 Immunisations

HPV_vaccination__for_all_leaflet_2020 (1)

HPV Year 8 Letter Oak Academy

Courtesy letter to parents for second dose Oak Academy

Year 10 Mock Interviews and Careers Carousel Letter 22.04.21

OA Y10 Parents Consultation Evening letter 19.04.21

OA Y09 Options Update Letter 19.04.21

OA Update to Parents 01.04.21

March 2021

RBU Letter to Parents 30.03.21

Year 11 Leavers Newsletter 30.03.21

OA Easter Testing 29.03.21

AFCB Easter Holiday Activity

OA Parents Consultation Evening Yr 11 30.03.21

Operation Encompass letter 22.03.21

Ofsted Remote Monitoring Inspection Letter

Year 7 Online Safety Letter 19.03.21

OA Update to Parents 12.03.21

OA Teacher Assessed Grades Information Evening 09.03.21

Letter to Parents & Carers 5.3.2021

OA Update to Parents 05.03.21

OA Ofsted Visit 02.03.21 Letter to Parents

OA Schedule for Mass Testing 01.03.21

February 2021

OA Exam Update Letter 26.02.21

OA Student Return FAQ’s 25.02.21

OA Start of Term 3 March Letter to Parents 23.02.21

OA End of Term Letter 12.02.21

OA School Rebuilding Programme 05.02.21

OA Remote Learning Feedback Letter 05.02.21

OA Telephone Scam Warning Letter 03.02.21

OA Parents Consultation Evening Year 7 

January 2021

OA Remote Learning Feedback Letter 29.01.21

OA Testing Update Letter 28.01.21

OA Continued School Closure Letter 28.01.21

OA Letter to Parents/Carers from the CEO 28.01.21

OA Onsite Dress Code Letter 22.01.21

OA Remote Learning Feedback Letter 22.01.21

OA Year 9 Parent Consultation Evening 27.01.21

OA GCSEs VTCs Consultation Letter 18.01.21

OA Remote Learning Feedback Letter 15.01.21

OA Parents Consultation Evening Year 11

OA Remote Learning Update Letter 08.01.21.docx

OA Timings of the Day JANUARY 2021.docx

OA Parents Consultation Evening Year 7

OA January Exams Year 11

OA Year 11 Exam Update Letter 06.01.21.docx

OA Testing Letter for Parents, Carers and Staff 05.01.21.docx

OA Students onsite during closure Jan 21

OA January Remote Learning

OA January Exams Year 10 

OA January Exams Year 11

December 2020

OA REVISED 2021 Start of Term Arrangements 31.12.20.docx

OA REVISED 2021 Start of Term Arrangements 18.12.20

OA RBU Christmas Wishes Letter 17.12.20v2

OA Start of Term 3 (January) Letter to Parents 14.12.20

OA Third Confirmed Case Letter to Parents 14.12.20.docx

OA End of Term Arranagements Letter 09.12.20.docx

OA Year 11 Exam Update Letter 07.12.20

OA FSM Vouchers Christmas Holiday 01.12.20

November 2020

OA Second Confirmed Case Letter to Parents 30.11.20.docx

OA Advice to Parents Letter – Single Case 26.11.20.docx

OA Parents Consultation Evening

OA Inclusion letter 11.11.20

OA Guidance Update Letter 05.11.20.docx

Oak Academy Flu Vaccine Offer Y7


October 2020

OA End of T1 Letter to Parents RBU

OA Year 11 End of T1 Letter to Parents HRI

Letter to Parents & Carers 22.10.20

OA Confirmed Case Letter to Parents 20.10.20

Parent Guide – Year 11 PCE 05.11.20

OA Year 11 PCE 05.10.20

OA Year 09 PCE 05.10.20

September 2020

OA Equipment for Learning 29.09.20

OA Face Mask Update Letter to Parents 29.09.20.docx

OA Y7 CAT Tests 24.09.20

AAT Letter to Parent Carers 17.09.20

OA NHS 111 Online Letter 17.09.20.docx

OA Year 11 Information Evening 15.09.20

OA Start of Term Letter 14.09.20

OA Asthma Letter 11.09.20

OA TikTok Alert 09.09.20

OA ParentPay and Cashless Catering Letter 08.09.20.docx

OA Face Mask Update Letter to Parents 02.09.20

August 2020

OA 2020-21 Start of Term Arrangements Letter 27.08.20.docx

2019-2020 Letters to Parents

July 2020

9.7.2020 Letter to parents/carers

April 2020

Year 9 Curriculum and GCSE Options

March 2020

Coronavirus – 18.3.2020 letter to parents

Coronavirus – 17.3.2020 letter to parents

Hegarty Maths – An Introduction to Parents

Coronavirus – Public Health England Guidance

AAT Update Re: Coronavirus 13-03-20

Coronavirus – Information for parents for Parent 13/03

Coronavirus – Information for parents 11/03

Coronavirus – Information for Year 11 Parents 11/03

Coronavirus – Information for parents 09/03

Coronavirus – Information for parents 04/03

February 2020

Coronavirus – Information for parents 28/02

January 2020

Teenage Booster Immunisation Offer

Year 9 Parents Consultation Evening

Poor weather closure arrangements

December 2019

Poor Weather Closure arrangements

Term 2 Newsletter

November 2019

Year 8 Parent Consultation Evening

October 2019

Additional INSET 25.10.2019

2018-19 Letters to Parents

July 2019

2019-20 Uniform Expectations Letter

May 2019

Media Studies Visit Cancellation Letter

April 2019

Y7 Parent Consultation Evening Letter

TELLONYM Letter 240419

Magic Breakfast Letter

March 2019

Year 11 Easter Revision 2019

English Revision Letter Yr 11 March 2019

Work Experience Alternative Programme

February 2019

MoMo Online Safety Letter

Y10 Parent Consultation Evening Letter

January 2019

Data Collection Letter Jan 2019

Y9 Parent Consultation Evening Letter

Y7 Parent Consultation Evening Letter

Y11 Parent Consultation Evening letter

November 2018

Ofsted Letter to parents

Ofsted inspections – a guide for parents_200618

October 2018

Year 11 English Revision Letter Oct 2018

September 2018

Year 11 Parent Consultation Evening Letter 18th Sept 2018

Year 13 Parent Consultation Evening Letter 18th Sept 2018

Anti-Land Letter 11th Sept 2018

July 2018

July Newsletter

School uniform update

Sports Day Letter

June 2018

Year 8 GCSE Options Letter

Thorpe Park Rewards Trip (Invited students)

Uniform letter June 2018

May 2018

Year 11 GCSE Exams Information Letter


Suspension of Sixth Form Letter