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Science at Oak Academy Science has something to offer every student

Science Teaching Staff

  • Mr J Wacker: Curriculum Leader
  • Mr N Joyce
  • Mr S Williams
  • Mr S Huseyin
  • Mrs C Swift


Why Science is Important

We believe that science has something to offer every student. From a trainee chef to a nuclear physicist, a construction apprentice to a cancer researcher, everyone needs some level of relevant science understanding.

Teaching and Learning in Science

Science teachers use a wide range of teaching and learning approaches to engage students and stimulate their interest. From the very first lessons in Science students are taught through a hands on practical approach, whereby discovery is at the centre of the learning.

Significant amounts of time goes into developing a culture whereby students are able to articulate themselves in a scientific way, using key terms and explanations to back up scientific ideas.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7 and 8, students cover a wide range of topics from Biology, Chemistry and Physics which set them up for the GCSE in the following years. They have the opportunity to develop their written skills, practical skills and communication skills.

The topics covered during Years 7 and 8 lay down the foundation for the years to come and are essential scientific ideas that will be built upon in Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 4

Students study a double Science award which is worth 2 GCSE award, which include aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. They will be complete six exam papers at the end of Year 11, two for each subject.

These exams are now graded 1-9 and are assessed by examination only. Practical skills are assessed through the Year 11 exams however the practical’s that make up the exam are carried out throughout Key Stage 4.

Students build upon the skills they have acquired in Key Stage 3 and now look deep into the different aspects of Science. Students also are required to perform calculations based on results and discoveries to prove or disprove a given hypothesis.


GCSE Specifications

The link to the GCSE specification for Science can be found below:

Science Trilogy