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Oak Academy’s vision for Literacy is underpinned by the belief that every student has the right to leave us being a confident reader, writer and speaker. To support our vision we have a range of strategies and interventions in place.

Books Clubs

Students in Key Stage Three and Four have the opportunity to join our exciting new book club ‘Books and Biscuits’. Our clubs are run by senior English teachers and aim to build an inquisitive nature in our more advanced readers.

Reading Hub

Our school Reading Hub is run by our student librarians. All students have access to the space during lunchtimes and are encouraged to take books out. This is a safe space where our students can enjoy being around a wide variety of books. Students can also access this space during their weekly Reading Plus lesson.

Literacy Interventions

For students not yet achieving their Age Related Expectations, we offer a range of interventions. To ensure the intervention is of the correct level students are assessed using both the GL Assessment and Reading Plus InSight Assessment three times per year. Our approach to intervention follows a clear sequence which enables students to progress through the various stages as their reading ability develops.

Tutor Time Reading

All students have access to quality Literature through our Tutor Time Reading Programme. Lead by their tutor, every student will complete 25 minutes reading three times per week with our tutor’s pushing a love of Literature and an inquisitive nature in our students.

Fluency is developed through modelled reading by the student’s tutor. Students are encouraged to read aloud to help build confidence and reading stamina.

Comprehension is developed through our ‘ways into the text’ presentations before any class read is started, this is further developed through the tutor using active questioning to ensure students are understanding what is being read.

During their time at Oak Academy, students will read a minimum of 17 full novels as part of our Tutor Time Reading  programme!