Academy photographs for all students will be held on Monday 21st September. Students will need to wear full uniform.

Physical Education at Oak Academy PE is an integral part of the development of every young person

PE Teaching Staff

  • Mr M Pretty: Curriculum Leader
  • Mr D Turner:Educational Visits Coordinator
  • Mr C Beeton
  • Mrs L Ferrett


Why PE is Important

PE is an integral part of the development of every young person at school. It helps students increase physical competence, health related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity to ensure that a legacy of physical activeness for a lifetime is created. With rising obesity levels in young people, having the opportunity to be physically active for at least 2 hours per week is key to a young person’s development.

At Oak, students will travel through from Year 7 to Year 11, being exposed to a number of sporting pursuits that will challenge them both physically and mentally. The curriculum in Years 7-9 is aimed at acquiring, developing and applying skills across a number of sports in competitive and non-competitive situations. Students will be required to take on a number of roles within sport, including performer, leader and official. In years 10 and 11, students will be provided with pathways to choose from so that they can have greater control of the activities that they do.

Students who thrive in and enjoy PE will be encouraged to take BTEC Sport as an option at Year 9. Here they will further develop skills learnt at Key Stage 3, and apply them to more theoretical concepts with the subject, such as anatomy and physiology and sports leadership.


Teaching and Learning in PE

PE lessons will take many forms which will engage and challenge students. PE teachers will use a combination of drill and game approaches to ensuring that students understand the requirements of certain sports and physical activities. Key skills such as leadership, teamwork and positive communication are encouraged throughout, and students will frequently be expected to problem solve as part of a group to overcome a scenario provided to them.

Students who want to improve further will be encouraged to attend extra-curricular opportunities, and at times be asked to represent the school across a number of sports. Those students that are outstanding performers may be asked to take on leadership roles within lessons, with the opportunity to be part of the leadership academy in their own time.


Key Stage 3

In years 7 and 8, students will experience a number of sports, where they can develop and apply existing skills learnt at primary school. Students will be exposed to small aspects of examination PE, where components of fitness and basic anatomy and physiology principles are discussed and linked to throughout all activities


Key Stage 4

If chosen as an option students will spend 3 years studying BTEC Sport. This course is made up of 4 units, whereby 25% of the total grade is an online exam which is externally set. The remaining units are coursework based, where students will be required to compile a portfolio of evidence to meet the assessment criteria.

This is a course which teaches students about the theory of PE, asking them to assess the impacts of physical activity on our body, as well as the psychological factors affecting sports performers. The course also requires students to take on a leadership role within sport, providing them with the confidence and skills to lead in front of a group of young pupils.


The 4 units that are studied are:

Unit 1 – Fitness for Sport and Exercise

Unit 2 – Practical Sport

Unit 4 – The Sports Performer in Action

Unit 6 – Sports Leadership


BTEC Specifications

The link to the specifications for BTEC Sport can be found below: