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Physical Education at Oak Academy PE is an integral part of the development of every young person

PE Teaching Staff

    • Mr M Pretty: Curriculum Leader
    • Mr D Turner: Head of Year 8
    • Mrs L Ferrett: Head of Year 9
    • Mr N Joyce
    • Miss S Tap
    • Mr P Robinson
    • Mr I Nicholl

Why PE is Important

PE is an integral part of the development of every young person at school. It helps students increase physical competence, health related fitness, self-responsibility and enjoyment of physical activity to ensure that a legacy of physical activeness for a lifetime is created. With rising obesity levels in young people, having the opportunity to be physically active for at least 2 hours per week is key to a young person’s development.

Teaching and Learning in PE

PE lessons will take many forms which will engage and challenge students. PE teachers will use a combination of drill and game approaches to ensuring that students understand the requirements of certain sports and physical activities. Key skills such as leadership, teamwork and positive communication are encouraged throughout, and students will frequently be expected to problem solve as part of a group to overcome a scenario provided to them.

Students who want to improve further will be encouraged to attend extra-curricular opportunities, and at times be asked to represent the school across a number of sports. Those students that are outstanding performers may be asked to take on leadership roles within lessons, with the opportunity to be part of the leadership academy in their own time.

Curriculum Vision  PE

Core PE

At Oak, students will travel through from Year 7 to Year 11, being exposed to a number of sporting pursuits that will challenge them both physically and mentally.

In PE, students will follow a KNOW, SHOW and GROW curriculum whereby their practical skills and knowledge are developed and applied through a variety of sports and activities. Students will be taught to KNOW and SHOW more, through a developing knowledge of skills, tactics and strategies and how these can be applied in a wide range of contexts.

Students will also follow a concept driven curriculum alongside their practical activities. This is our GROW element of the curriculum and seeks to allow students to explore their personal, social and emotional development, within a PE environment and then look to apply it outwards across their eider school life. Year group focusses are as follows;

Year 7 – Exploring Physical Literacy

Year 8 – Exploring Personal Development

Year 9 – Exploring Character Development

Year 10 – Exploring Leadership Skills

Year 11 – Exploring what ‘Active for Life’ means.


Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11 students can also opt for one of two vocational sports qualifications.

Sport Studies

    • Contemporary Issues in Sport
    • Practical sport and Leadership
    • Developing skills in Outdoor Activities

OCR Cambridge Nationals Specifications for Sports Studies.

Cambridge Nationals – Sport Studies Level 1/Level 2 – J829 (


Sport Science

    • Reducing Injuries in Sport
    • Applying the Principles of Training to Exercise
    • The body’s response to exercise

OCR Cambridge Nationals Specifications for Sport Science.

Cambridge Nationals – Sport Science Level 1/Level 2 – J828 – OCR