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Media at Oak Academy Exploring the world through a variety of mediums

Media Teaching Staff

  • Mr G Remmer


Why Media is Important

Media is an exciting way to explore the world around us through a variety of different mediums. Throughout the course students will learn a variety of skills that will be applicable in everyday life such as researching, problem-solving skills as well as developing creativity. As we live in a world that is surrounded by the media it is beneficial for students to be able to analyse and critique them in fun and interesting ways.

Media studies can improves many skills as they learn a great deal of new terminology much of which can be used in other subjects, including English, the Humanities, D&T and Science.

Students of this subject often go onto the following careers: media-related careers (television, film, radio, journalism); advertising and marketing; public relations; teaching. However, this course equips students with excellent communication skills, skills of critical analysis, investigative and research skills that will be necessary for any career.

Teaching and Learning in Media

Students will work independently, through class discussions and group work. Due to the nature of the course students will be expected to complete tasks outside of the classroom and complete homework tasks. Basic ICT skills and good literacy is essential.

Key Stage 4

Students will start the course in Year 9 and complete it at the end of Year 11. Throughout these years they will develop their enjoyment of Media through film, music, documentaries, newspapers, magazines, video games and television broadcasts. Although the course is run through weekly teacher taught lessons, independent production work will feature heavily. This will allow the students to focus of the features of Media they find most interesting and develop their creativity.


GCSE Specifications
Links to the GCSE specifications for Media can be found below:

Unit 1: External Assessment

  •  A formal exam in June of Year 11
  • Based on topic of TV GAME SHOWS (Year 10) or TV SERIAL DRAMA (Year 9)
  • Pre-release booklet given out 4 weeks before
  • Worth 40% of total marks

Unit 2: Controlled Assessment

  • Three pieces of coursework, worth 60% of total marks
  • Introduction to the media: analysis of two MAGAZINE FRONT COVERS and production of one of your own (15 marks)
  • Cross-media study: comparison of two different FILM PROMOTION texts and production of two of your own from different media (30 marks)
  • Practical production: producing and evaluating your own RADIO SHOW campaign (45 marks)


The Media GCSE specification can be found at the link below