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Film Studies

Film Teaching Staff

  • Mrs T Freke

In GCSE Film Studies you will learn how to see the art of filmmaking in a whole new light. Through the study of six stimulating, thought-provoking and unique films you will learn about all aspects of filmmaking from cinematography and editing to narrative structure and aesthetics. You will learn not only how existing film makers do it but will also have opportunity to create your own film. Furthermore, you will study the key developments in film and filmmaking from the first moving images and silent film to the role of computer-generated imagery in film.

To develop your understanding of the film industry, the units covered include a variety of films. The units are: Mainstream Hollywood Films where you will study US films such as ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’; Independently Produced US Film ‘Juno’; Global English language film, the New Zealand, ‘Jojo Rabbit’; Global Non-English Film ‘Girlhood’; and the British film, ‘Attack the Block’.

You will also study different genres, looking at a range of films to prepare for your coursework production—the opening sequence to a horror film. The skill of screenplay writing is also further developed from the knowledge gained in your English lessons.

Curriculum Vision Film Studies

Our Film Studies Specification can be found here