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Learning for Life – JIGSAW

Our whole school approach to Learning for Life not only reflects delivers a information and understanding across a variety of topics, but it is also delivered “to equip pupils with a sound understanding of risk and with the knowledge and skills necessary to make safe and informed decisions”.

We believe that our curriculum provides coherent knowledge and understanding of the decisions that will allow our young people to develop opinions and strategies to make positive change in their lives. Our curriculum includes but is not limited to:

• Delivering information for our young people to understand how to make and sustain positive relationships.

• Enabling to understand how their health, physical and mental, can change and empowering to make decisions to maintain general overall well-being.

• Providing young people with a broad range of knowledge that includes pathways to achieve dreams, goals and careers.

• Providing young people with an understanding of how to be fiscally responsible and to plan for financial independence.

• Allowing pupils to make positive choices to positively influence the community at large.

• Allowing for pupils to develop and maintain an ability to formulate an ability to develop opinions and to critically think in a variety of contexts.

With the new implementation of Jigsaw, Oak Academy is able to improve the reach of Learning for Life. By the nature of the design of the curriculum, starting in September 2022, Oak will be able to take advantage of the spiral learning that Jigsaw is designed to deliver. This will make for aligned and effective assemblies with topics that will be relevant to all year groups.

The order for the curriculum of KS3 and 4 is in the following order:

·        Being me in my world

·        Celebrating Differences

·        Goals and Dreams

·        Healthy Me

·        Relationships

·        Changing me


Through these modules, the pupil will have the opportunity to discover their identity, as well as formulate opinions in a variety of contexts. They will have the opportunity to also reflect and develop a vision for themselves, for today and beyond.

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