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Curriculum Vision An overview of Oak Academy’s curriculum

We believe every child has the right to achieve regardless of their starting point. We are steadfast in our vision that the quality of education we deliver removes barriers, improves life chances, and supports equality. At the heart of our curriculum is the essential knowledge and skills pupils need to shape and realise their aspirations.

At Oak Academy we aim to:

  • ensure a broad and balanced curriculum that prepares students for life, and unlocks future pathways into further education, training and employment.
  • provide a curriculum that meets the needs of all pupils, ensuring appropriate support, stretch and challenge.
  • plan a well-sequenced and coherent curriculum that supports the progressive development and consolidation of interconnected knowledge through high quality teaching and learning, every lesson, every day.
  • deliver an engaging and inspiring curriculum that empowers pupils to achieve their true potential.
  • enhance the curriculum to nurture an intrinsic passion for learning; support personal, social, spiritual, emotional development; inspire creative and critical thinking; and improve independent study skills.
  • establish equality and diversity throughout an inclusive curriculum that represents and empowers pupils to be confident, proud, productive citizens in their local, national and global community.
  • offer a range of enriching activities to develop student experience beyond the academic and encourage wider participation and engagement.

During their five years with us we will nurture young people to embody our core values of community, respect, courage, kindness and excellence. By the time they leave us, our young adults will be adaptable, creative and resilient, able to embrace change as successful participants in the 21st century world.