GCSE results can be collected on Thursday 22nd between 9am and 10am in Hall B.
The Academic Year will end on Friday 19th July at 2pm. All students will return to school on Wednesday 4th September.

Curriculum Enrichment at Oak Academy Our Wednesday afternoons are different…find out why

Every Wednesday afternoon, students at Oak Academy have the chance to take part in something a bit different!

“Enrichment” is a unique part of our curriculum that offers a wide range of clubs, activities, visits and projects. With over 25 different choices on offer to students, there is something for everyone to get involved in, be it in gardening or photography club, preparing for an overseas visit to China, taking part in an offsite bicycling club or developing talents in arts, crafts, cooking or board games. Students also have worked with a range of local community projects to broaden their horizons outside of the school gates.

Each activity is run by a member of staff with an interest in a particular area which means that students get the chance to see us in a different light outside of our classrooms. Clubs work on a cross year basis meaning that students from different year groups develop relationships and work together.

Two blocks run throughout the year: September to February and February to July.

For more information, please contact the Academy and ask to talk to our Enrichment Co-ordinator.