The Academy will re-open to staff and students on Monday 7th June. Please ensure COVID tests are completed before our return. We look forward to seeing you all.

Updates from the Academy

March 2021

OA Schedule for Mass Testing 01.03.21

February 2021

OA Exam Update Letter 26.02.21

OA Student Return FAQ’s 25.02.21

OA Start of Term 3 March Letter to Parents 23.02.21

January 2021

OA Testing Update Letter 28.01.21

OA Continued School Closure Letter 28.01.21

AAT Letter to Parents & Carers 28.01.21

OA Onsite Dress Code Letter 22.01.21

OA GCSEs VTCs Consultation Letter 18.01.21

OA Timings of the Day JANUARY 2021.docx

OA January Exams Year 11

OA Year 11 Exam Update Letter 06.01.21.docx

OA Students onsite during closure Jan 21

OA January Exams Year 10 

OA January Exams Year 11

OA Testing Letter for Parents, Carers and Staff 05.01.21.docx

OA Terms of Consent for Covid-19 Testing 05.01.21.docx

OA Privacy Notice for Covid-19 Testing 05.01.21.docx

December 2020

OA Operational Plan Update January 2021.docx

OA January 2021 Risk Assessment 13.12.20.docx

October 2020

OA – Remote Learning Policy 2020

September 2020

OA Equipment for Learning 29.09.20

OA Face Mask Update Letter to Parents 29.09.20.docx

OA NHS 111 Online Letter 17.09.20.docx

OA Asthma Letter 11.09.20

OA Face Mask Update Letter to Parents 02.09.20

August 2020

OA Results Day Risk Assessment

July 2020

OA T6 End of Term Letter and September Arrangements 17.07.20.docx

OA Operational Plan for September 2020 Community Copy 17.07.20.docx

OA September 2020 Risk Assessment 13.07.20.docx

OA Safeguarding Summer Letter

Year 11 Results Day and Updates – 03.07.20

June 2020

Year 10 Return WB 15th June

Year 10 Return to Academy Survey

OA Update – Year 10 Provision from 15th June

Year 10 Curriculum and Operation Plan June-July 2020

Letter to Parents/Carers – 2.6.2020

May 2020

Covid 19 – Rewards and Sanctions Annex – Version 1.2

Covid 19 – Emergency Safeguarding Procedure During Full School Closure – version 1.3

OA Academy Update – Remote Learning and Possible Year 10 Return 13.05.20

AAT Update 13.05.20

April 2020

Letter to Parents from our CEO 24.04.20

Oak Academy Safeguarding An/nex V1.2.docx

OA Year 11 Exam Update Letter 20.04.20

Free School Meal Voucher Update 17.04.20

Home Learning During Term 5

Welfare Letter 14.04.20

Year 11 Ofqual Update 03.04.20

Summer 2020 GCSE grades Ofqual Guidance

March 2020

OA Free School Meal Guidance for Parents 26.03.20

OA Year 10 Work Experience Update

OA Year 11 Exam Update Letter 23.03.20

OA Free School Meal Letter 23.03.20

OA Year 11 letter

OA Coronavirus Info to Parents (9) RBU 20.03.20.docx

Letter to Parents – Primary and Secondary 2020-03-20

Helping Children Cope with Stress

Coronavirus – 19.3.2020 letter to parents

Routine for Home Learning

Parent Safeguarding Letter 19.3.2020

Coronavirus – 18.3.2020 letter to parents

Coronavirus – 17.3.2020 letter to parents

Coronavirus – Public Health England Guidance

AAT Update Re: Coronavirus 13-03-20

Coronavirus – Information for parents for Parent 13/03

Coronavirus – Information for parents 11/03

Coronavirus – Information for Year 11 Parents 11/03

Coronavirus – Information for parents 09/03

Coronavirus – Information for parents 04/03

February 2020

Coronavirus – Information for parents 28/02