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12th July 2021

Sports Day 2021

It had been long awaited, but Sports Day 2021 was the first whole school event at Oak for over a year, and wow what an event it was! Students really did rise to the challenge, competing in their houses across multiple team games and events in the morning, culminating with the traditional athletic track events in the afternoon. Staff watched on in awe at students who had to deal with one of the hottest days of the year, and which saw 4 school records broken in the athletic track and field events. Alongside the performances on the day, students and staff were also raising money for Oak Academy’s sponsor child from Malawi, Allan. With lots refreshments and sweet treats sold, as well as numerous faces painted and hair braided, Oak Academy can be proud in raising just over £1000 for a young lady who has a much poorer quality of life than we can imagine.

A massive well done to Pegasus who were the overall House Cup winners for 2021. Well done also to Sophie M (Y8) and Beau J (Y7) who received the Junior Girls and Boy Sports Personality Trophies and Leah E (Y10) and Maciej G (Y10) who won the Senior Sports Day Personality Trophies. All four students demonstrated outstanding performance all day and were quite rightly voted for by PE Staff. A special mention must also go to Blake C (Y10) who was nominated to win the inaugural Gavin Whitworth Memorial Trophy for the outstanding resilience and courage shown throughout the day. The quote below is from a member of staff speaking of Blake on the day.

“The lad is resilience personified and just keeps getting back up. He is always kind and considerate and showed so much courage today.”

As with any sports day, there were winners and losers, however the community spirit was immense, and every member of Oak Academy be proud of how they contributed to an overall fantastic day. The PE Department thanks not only the students but also the staff for ensuring a fantastic event. Role on Sports Day 2022!


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