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22nd March 2019

Year 9 Anthony McGowan visit


On Thursday 21st March, Oak Academy welcomed celebrated author Anthony McGowan, whose titles include ‘The Donut Diaries’, ‘Pike’, ‘Henry Tumour’ and ‘The Knife That Killed Me’, which has since been turned into a very successful him. He won over our year 9s, delivering engaging and humorous anecdotes about his life as a writer for young people and what inspired him to write stories from a young age. He informed them about his life as a young student, where he attended a challenging school in Leeds, and what experiences led him to create some of his well-known characters and stories. The students were treated to readings from some of his books, including ‘The Knife That Killed Me’ and ‘Pike.’ Anthony discussed why he felt that is important not to shy away from issues that affect young people today in his writing and how receptive young people have been to his novels, partly due to his dark sense of humour, convincing dialogue and well-crafted plots.

Throughout the day, year 9 students were fantastic. They welcomed him with an open mind, asked brilliant questions and showed a genuine interest in reading some of his novels. It was truly uplifting to see our students so engaged in reading and appreciating the power of words on our imaginations. After the rather mischievous story they heard from ‘Pike’, it seems that will probably be their number one choice for first read!

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