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23rd July 2018

Zambia with Cred Foundations


On Friday 6th July, Mrs Cumming and Mrs Mariner left Oak with 13 students to teach in Zambia with street children. With 230 suitcases filled to the 23kg brim we left for Heathrow and our adventure.

Having arrived in Lusaka the team pitched their tents amongst herds of Zebra, giraffes and monkeys at the amazing Eureka camp. The students felt like they were actually on safari when in fact they were in one of the poorest capital cities in the world, right on the edge of a main road.

The next day we left for our accommodation for the week – a hostel not far from our two placements. Through the week we worked at both a drop in centre for street children and a residential centre where the children go once they are free from a life of crime and drugs. The stories from the children were harrowing as we listened to how 8 year old survived as packs on the streets. Their hope and faith for a better future was enlightening as they always saw a positive to everything. Through the week at both centres we taught literacy and numeracy, with our students being taught long diversion without a calculator. We also allowed the street children to be ‘children’ through games, painting, playdough and the ever important sports day.

Each day, our team would eat alongside the children, the staple food of nshema (maize and water) which is eaten with your hands. To watch our students working with these children filled both myself and Mrs Mariner with pride as they saw each other as equals and all discussed their future pathways in life.

At the end of the week we handed over all of the resources we had brought from the UK – endless educational textbooks, clothes, and arts & crafts equipment. We had the honour of watching the street children pick out new shoes and hats before they made their way out of the centre to return to their homes under the local bridge.

Whilst it was a horrible life for many of these children, they were always so grateful and happy to be in the centre daily and they inspired our students immensely and brought into our eyes absolute poverty and the power of hope.

Our trip was finished with some rest and relation as we travelled to Victoria Falls and the beautiful Livingstone. Here we enjoyed seeing both herds of elephants, baboons and the amazing Victoria Falls which was more impressive than words can say.

The trip was soon over with the trip returning to the UK triumphant knowing that they had helped to bring happiness with the children they worked with as well as making memories that will stay with them forever.

As ever, our students were fantastic and I’m so proud of what they have achieved, through both their fundraising of £2,000 to take part in the trip and the pride and respect the team showed at all times.

Mrs R Cummings, Visit Leader

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